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Limner is the perfect tool if you want to draw naturally on your Mac, whether you are an artist or you simply want to sketch something quickly. Trying to draw with your mouse or trackpad is clumsy and inaccurate, but buying a graphics tablet can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. With Limner, you can connect your iPad to your Mac and use the touch-sensitive display to make beautiful drawings.

Limner for iPad is available from the App Store. To allow Limner to connect to your computer, download Limner Connect on your Mac.

Use your iPad as a pen tablet

Limner turns your iPad into a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet for your Mac. When you run a drawing program on your Mac that supports input from pressure-sensitive tablets – for example, Adobe® Photoshop® – you can draw brush strokes from your iPad that vary in line width or opacity.

Use your iPad as a touch-screen external monitor

Limner effectively turns your iPad into a pressure-sensitive, touch-screen external monitor for your Mac, so you also can control your Mac from your iPad. Touch your iPad screen to click and drag the mouse on your Mac.

Draw with your fingers

Pressure sensitivity is determined by how much of your finger is touching the screen, not by how hard you press. For the lightest pressure, draw with the very tip of your finger. For the maximum pressure, press with the entire flat part of your finger, up to the first joint.

Draw with a Bluetooth stylus

You can draw with a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus if you have an iPad 3 or later or any iPad mini. Limner supports these Bluetooth styli:


Stop trying to draw with your mouse or trackpad! Limner lets you:

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